Is us, Petr Čajánek, Ondřej Veselý a Dušan Bařica.

The goal of our program is to create an environment that leads children, players and parents not only to hockey, but more importantly to personal development.

The goal of our program is to create an environment that leads children, players and parents not only to hockey, but more importantly to personal development.

We work with the individuality of each individual, which is always directed towards synergy, cooperation, i.e. towards the whole.

During the lessons we try to detect the flaws in skating and gradually correct them. We work on mobility, stability, finesse and smartness. We develop skills that allow players to develop speed, agility, and enjoyment of the game, thus improving their performance.

We consider our clients to be our students. We teach them to discover, explore, find their own solutions and overcome obstacles. We take sport as a means of growth, of personality formation, and therefore we do not focus only on training on the ice. The cornerstone for us is the physical and mental development of our clients.


Regular lessons

Every Thursday in Kapka Resort in Lhota near Vsetín.

Years 2018-2014      15.30-16.30
Years 2013-2009     16.45-17.45
Kapka girls                 18.00-19.00

In the lessons we focus on on-ice movement both with and without the puck and the content is adapted to the abilities and level of each player

We try to detect deficiencies in skating and gradually correct them. We work on mobility, stability, finesse, smartness. We expand skills that allow players to develop speed, skill and enjoyment of the game, thus improving their performance.

If you have any questions, please contact us at +420 731 513 258, we are able to modify the programs according to your requirements.

VIVID Class - Velké Meziříčí

On 10 and 11 August you have the opportunity to train under the guidance of Petr Cajanek, Ondřej Vesele, Dušan Bařica and Jirka Ondráček in the VIVID HOCKEY programme.

Our training focuses on improving skating, working with the puck and perceiving yourself as a player in space and time.

We will work on mobility, stability, finesse and smarts. We will expand skills that allow players to develop speed, skill, and experience of the game, thus improving their performance.

You have the option to sign up for one or two sessions.

Boys and girls will be divided into two practice times by grade level.


Saturday 10/8
2013 and younger - 17.00-18.15
2012 and older - 18.30-19.45

Sunday 11/8
2013 and younger - 9.00-10.15
2012 and older - 10.30-11.45

2013 a mladší

2012 a starší


In July, you can look forward to 2 four-day VIVID Camp tours. Just like last year, you have the option to book a camp with or without accommodation. Players will be divided into groups based on age and performance. The camp is designed for players of the 2016 year and older.

As in previous years, we will be focusing on developing hockey skills in a game environment and transferring them directly to the game. On efficiency not only on the ice, but throughout the camp.

On dry land, our focus will be on movement and games in all forms. We will be working on balance, finesse, coordination, jumps, acrobatics and many other topics.

Kapka Girls

KAPKA resort and Vivid Hockey are coming up with a year-round regular girls training option. We want to create an environment for girls in our region that they feel comfortable in and that will develop them hockey-wise.

Our lessons will focus not only on skating and hockey skills, but more importantly on experiencing and exploring the game.

Lessons are for girls of all ages who are looking to develop outside of their club.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or phone 731 513 258

Kapka Girls 18.00-19.00


Hockey at the top level is about winning. Coaching is often focused on structure, principles, hard work, team play, emotional control. Players are treated as tools.

We decided to offer senior and junior players a program that would allow them to push their game to their highest level.

Under the guidance of Petr Čajánek and Ondřej Veselý, you will work on skills that are not given enough space or attention in team training.

We work on improving individual skills in time and space. Develop mobility, strength, rhythm, efficiency of movement on the ice, skills with the puck and develop shooting skills and thinking.

We believe in experience and awareness that leads to a better understanding of the game, increased confidence, and thus game growth.

If you are interested, please contact us at 731 513 258

VIVID Select

Not only for our existing clients we offer the opportunity to play under the VIVID team banner.

You can participate with us in selected tournaments that take place outside of the hockey season in clubs. As well as our training sessions and tournaments we mainly target Kapka Resort, which provides the perfect environment and facilities for players and you parents.

For 2024, we have prepared...

Years 2012/13
11. 4.-12. 4.    Kapka RESORT
22. 8-23. 8      Kapka RESORT

Years 2015/16
28. 3.-29. 3.    Kapka RESORT
25. 8.              Kapka RESORT

Year 2016
28.-29. 8.         Kapka RESORT

If you are interested in a place in our teams or for further information, please contact us at - [email protected] or tel. 736 290 000

Our team

We enjoy hockey. It's been a part of our lives since we were kids and it always will be. We used to play it, now we play coaches :)
Our dream is to pass on the passion and joy that hockey has brought us to your children.
You could meet us at trainings in Zlín, Kroměříž, Šumperk, Moravská Třebová and currently our new home is KAPKA resort in Dolní Lhota u Vsetín.

Petr Čajánek

Ondřej Veselý

Dušan Bařica

Wider team

Jan Káňa

Daniel Vaněk

Libor Šíp

Goalie coaches

Lukáš Velička

We work together


VIVID Hockey

VIVID Hockey offers you programs in which you will discover HOCKEY together with us.

Improve your skating, develop your sense of the ice and your body awareness. We will work on player skills not only in isolation, but especially in context. In space, time and in interaction with teammates.

Our programs respect the individuality of each individual, their mentality, physical capabilities and disposition. We believe in gradual growth and development. Long-term player development is essential for us.

Our goal is not to change the player to our liking, but to allow him to get to know himself. To be able to make his own decisions, to find his own solutions. To be the kind of player he wants to be.

Shawn Allard – Perfect Skating

During our training we had the opportunity to meet SHAWN ALLARD and his program several times.

We were so impressed with its simplicity and teaching system that we decided to cooperate with Shawn and train our trainers in the PERFECT SKATING system.

The system is a series of isometric platforms designed to increase the kinetic energy of movement on the ice. It emphasizes the most optimal body positioning for all on-ice activities to achieve better mobility, stability and skating efficiency.

We want to combine the knowledge we have learned with our playing experience and adapt it to our conditions. To create a program that will help develop children and players in our area.

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